Before we begin, we want to make it clear that we have no experience with a programmatically defined dynamic live stream. So this is the approach we came up with.

The Stream Design

I already had the idea to add a dynamically generated state map based on the party's colour with a lead…

My internet broadband provider is one of the popular Internet service providers in this region. I have been their customer for quite some time now. Though comments and reviews may point otherwise, I am satisfied by their service in my region with close to promised speeds mostly.

They use NAT…

You must have heard that open and coffee shop wifis are insecure, and one must proceed with cautions. Now think about large corporates or campus networks. There’s a ton of stuff involved here which are private within the network and must be protected via access control and prevented from eavesdropping…

Bihar elections 2020

Hey, I tried to gather some facts on the main candidates trying their luck in Kishanganj Vidhan Sabha seat for the Bihar Legislature election in the Bihar election 2020. I know most of you don’t even know the names of those who you will be voting for and that this…


NpChat logo
an NDN based multimedia sharing app

In the world dominated by big internet players like Google, Facebook, etc., most of our day to day internet traffic is routed to their servers. Virtually everything from E-commerce, Social Media, Web Streaming are increasingly controlled by some giant corporation. This centralisation leads to much of our valuable user data being stored and regulated by the rules they decide and most of us agree to without caring to read the terms of their service. They may distribute or leak it to other third party companies just like what happened in the case of Facebook-Cambridge Analytica.

Such a connected world requires a decentralised end-to-end encrypted social multimedia app. And when looking on it from Information-centric network perspective, NpChat seems quite promising.

NpChat (from NDN+ Snapchat) is an Android application that allows users to capture and share multimedia with friends in a secure and fully…

Ritik kumar

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